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How to use Fridge Guard properly?

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The refrigerator protector is a socket type refrigerator protector, which mainly uses two-way controllable silicon as a power supply circuit as an automatic switch, and is equipped with a power supply indicator. The refrigerator protector has a simple design and a simple structure. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low cost. Its function is to have various refrigerator protection functions of under-voltage, over-current, over-voltage and delay start. The operation environment of the refrigerator is guaranteed, the damage of the voltage to the compressor of the refrigerator is reduced, and the service life of the refrigerator is prolonged.

Why do people Fridge Guard need?

The timer of the refrigerator protector controls the refrigerator, freezer and other equipment by setting different refrigerators to stop and stop. It can simulate the temperature control process of the refrigerator, effectively prevent the damage of the refrigerator compressor caused by the refrigerator compressor and the power supply abnormality caused by the leakage of the refrigerator refrigerant, and maintain the normal condition of the refrigerator due to the damage caused by the high voltage start. The power environment in which it operates.

the characteristics of Fridge Guard

1. Scope

The time adjustment range of the refrigerator protector is: 5 to 140 minutes for shutdown and 5 to 140 minutes for startup.

2. energy saving

The refrigerator protector intelligently controls the time of power outages and power supplies to regulate the downtime and start-up time of the refrigerator and other appliances.

3. delay protection

The delay protection of the refrigerator protector protects the compressor of the refrigerator by means of power-on, which effectively reduces the damage caused by the power supply to the compressor.

the usage of Fridge Guard

1. Connect the refrigerator protector to the power supply, and the red light on the protector lights up. At this time, the refrigerator protector is in the stop indication, and the green light of the protector indicates the booting instruction.

2. Insert the plug of the refrigerator into the output jack of the protector and rotate the thermostat of the refrigerator to the position.

3. The two buttons on the protector are used to set the opening and closing time of the refrigerator. The user can adjust the opening and closing time of the refrigerator according to his own needs. At normal temperature, the ratio of the opening and closing time of the refrigerator is generally set to be 1:3 in summer and 1:4 in winter.

 4. When the user needs to quickly freeze the food, the quick start button needs to be pressed.
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