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How does a smart doorbell replace a traditional doorbell?

Date:2019-11-14 Views:1258

In China today, the price of smart doorbell can be used as a convenient and practical product. From the end of the 1990s to the present, it is mainly used in commercial residential buildings and security, but its rapid development has been generally entered. I went to a high-end residence in a residential area of a city. During the use, the occupants hear the ringtones, like receiving a visual phone call, accepting the call from the host through the downstairs door host, and the video extension can also receive video images through the host camera downstairs. The resident observes the monitor image on the extension display screen to confirm the identity of the visitor, and finally decides whether to press the unlock button of the indoor extension to open the electronically controlled door lock of the host at the link door, allowing the visitor to open the door.

In the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for smart homes is not as simple as it used to be. Smart homes are a general concept that encompasses all aspects of modern homes, including wireless building intercom, home appliances and lighting control. It is a wide-ranging, fully-featured system that includes subsystems for home appliance control, remote control, home security, alarm linkage, energy efficiency management, and information services.

Smart doorbell manufacturer Zhimeida is at the forefront of the entire smart home, affecting the entire smart home market, establishing industry norms, and being compatible with more systems, in order to benefit from the longer-term benefits. For this vast market. Market cooperation can achieve a win-win situation.

Although the current smart home market is not particularly mature, because there is no industry standard, the incompatibility between the various systems is also very serious, and all major manufacturers can stick to their own production mode, resulting in the delay in the development of the smart home market. .

Of course, for the smart doorbell manufacturer Zhimeida, the stagnation of the smart home market has not affected itself. In the current real estate development, only the home is not necessary, and the intercom function is indispensable, so it is not from the manufacturer. It is noted that in the long-term perspective, in the long run, if it is not unified with the industry standards, it will gradually be marginalized by the market.

Of course, in order to cater to the development of the market, the demand for home can not be as simple as the original, smarter home is in line with the needs of the current crowd, smart doorbell is the first step of smart home, but also the basic configuration of the current building, traditional buildings Intercoms are increasingly unable to meet the needs of today's life, and a new generation of smart doorbells is beginning to emerge, and whether new technologies can replace old ones requires market validation.

The advantage of replacing the traditional doorbell with a smart doorbell is obvious. The first is that the installation is simpler. The traditional building intercom needs to be wired. The artificial island material is not a small overhead, and the smart doorbell only needs one nail. The outdoor unit is nailed to the appropriate position on the door, and the power can be used, which is simple, convenient and quick.

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