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2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair

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2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Hong Kong Electronics Fair)
2018 Hong Kong Information Technology Expo (ICT Expo)
[Time] April 13-16, 2018

[Location] Hong Kong

[Name of the pavilion]Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

[The nature of the exhibition] Electronic synthesis
[Organizer] HKTDC
The largest, most diverse and most traded event in Asia;
The easiest way for Chinese companies to go abroad;
◇ Global buyer promotion, so that your products are exported to all over the world;
◇ Professional exhibits division, the most direct trade opportunity between professional buyers and exhibitors

Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show is currently the largest spring electronics show in Asia. Asia's largest Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show and the International Information Technology Expo held in the same period ended successfully on April 16. During the period, more than 3,250 companies from 24 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, breaking the record of the past years. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the two exhibitions showcased a wide range of new consumer electronics, innovative inventions and communications technologies. More than 90,000 professional buyers, of which 37% are from Hong Kong, and the remaining 63% are from countries and regions outside Hong Kong.

The show's mobile equipment and accessories were unveiled at this year's Autumn Electric Show. Located in the Grand Mercure, more than 40 exhibitors gathered to showcase their latest smart products, such as smart phones, tablets and mobile accessories, and protectors.

We Wenzhou Igneng Technology Co.,Ltd. also made a show in the exhibition. The products shown are voltage protectors, current protectors, converters, etc. During the exhibition, our products were valued by many buyers and received a lot of customers' intention orders.

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