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Why do we need Multi-function socket?

Date:2019-11-06 Views:1283

Multi-function socket are used more and more in the society nowadays. The multi-function socket is easy to use, and it is very simple to arrange various plug-in interfaces on one panel. When not in use, the panel interface can be hidden to prevent dust from entering. Helps extend the life of the socket. Advantages of multi-function sockets and installation steps, the following small series one by one.

Multi-function socket classification:

The multi-function socket has a wide meaning and can be understood as three types of conversion sockets, sockets and industrial sockets.

The conversion socket is a kind of converter that is used as a power source between a plug and a socket which is commonly used by overseas people. The most popular one is the multi-function socket. It is a multi-socket multi-plug combination or integrated socket, the internal plug can be used in sockets in many countries around the world.

The plug, also called the tow board, has a socket, and has a plug with a power cord. It is an electrical electrical product that extends the distance and expands multiple plugs. Allows users to connect multiple appliances at the same time.

Industrial sockets can be classified according to national standards, such as: national standard socket, multi-function (universal, universal) socket, commonly used in UPS power supply, inverter, PDU. It is generally used as an accessory for the power output.

The multi-function socket advantages

1, multi-function socket can integrate power, network port, VGA, USB, Canon and other audio and video information interfaces in one.

2. The multi-function socket panel is made of hard rust-proof aluminum plate, and the wire is oxidized and colored, which is elegant.

3, multi-function socket panel configuration 1 ~ 6 standard modules, various interfaces can be freely combined as needed.

4. The multi-function socket installation method is embedded, and the socket panel is flush with the desktop.

5. The multi-function socket adopts a pneumatic spring rod and a German imported component to form a mechanical locking device.

6. When using, press the cover to release the locker. The various interfaces are fully displayed on the panel. After use, press the cover and all the interfaces are hidden into the cabinet.

7, multi-function socket to open soft, safe, convenient, silent, easy to install, flexible, you can choose multiple side-by-side installation.

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