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What are the classifications of doorbell switches?

Date:2019-11-19 Views:1253

First, the wireless doorbell without battery (passive wireless doorbell) The wireless doorbell without battery means that the transmitter uses energy capture technology, which can collect the energy when the user presses the doorbell button and convert it into electric energy to drive the doorbell sounder to ring. Its indoor unit That is, the doorbell sounder needs to be connected to the mains. The control signal generated by the doorbell button is transmitted through the wireless signal transmitter, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit receives the wireless signal, thereby ringing. 

Second, the ordinary wireless doorbell ordinary wireless doorbell The transmitter is powered by a 12V battery, the receiver is powered by a battery or connected to a commercial power. The doorbell button transmits a wireless signal, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit receives the wireless signal, and then rings. From the content of the transmission, it can be divided. It is divided into wireless non-visual doorbell and wireless video doorbell. What kind of doorbell switch is there? The wireless non-visual doorbell wireless non-visual doorbell only transmits voice signals. When the visitor rings the doorbell, the owner can only hear the sound. Can't see the image of the visitor. Connect the electric lock with the indoor unit remote control electric lock to open the door. Wireless intercom access control system set wireless intercom, remote control open In one, it overcomes the traditional wireless doorbell, the access control system can not talk, can not open the door remotely. It avoids the trouble of the cable system needing construction wiring. It is the upgrade of the traditional doorbell and access control system. Fourth, the ordinary wired doorbell can be used. Realize the call, but can't see the image. With the sound, you can customize other sounds; matching cable; easy to install, users can install it themselves; use power-saving design, no power.

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