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How to install Street Light Lamp Optical Automatic Photocell Control Sensor Switch

Date:2019-11-20 Views:1014

1, AC power connection, Optical contral switch black line, white line connected with the input power, the white line and the red line are connected to the load equipment.

2, DC power connection,Optical contral switch black line connected with the input (-) cathode, white line connected to the input anode (+) and white line is connected to the load device (+) anode, the red line connected load device (-) cathode.

3, in the daytime test on or off please use opaque, wrapped in the switch, the switch turn on the normal work.

4, pay attention to the installation of this device in the daytime especially dark place, please install the device in the light of the above, do not install in the light under the direct exposure, in the light will lead to the non-stop switch action.
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